Knee Surgery Recovery

A middle aged man called the clinic for treatment of right knee pain. He had surgery to replace the knee, which went well, but there was still swelling, pain, and reduced range of motion in the knee.

The first visit was one year after the surgery. In traditional Chinese medicine, surgery is considered to a sort of trauma to the body, much the way an athletic injury might be.  This is described in traditional Chinese medical terms as qi and blood stasis. Thus, promoting free flow of qi and blood through the knee area was of primary importance in gaining relief for the patient. Acu-points in the area of the knee were used. Also, K3 was used, a point which is located between the achilles tendon and the ankle bone. This was because the organ it was related to governed bones and joints in the lower half of the body. LV 3 another common acupoint was utilized along with GB34. These two points have a positive benefit to tendons. Also, local tender/trigger points were also used. This same procedure was done on the second treatment, with the addition of acupressure massage. The patient was feeling about 50% better with her knee overall.

THIRD VISIT– To try and increase the speed of healing an extra treatment protocol was selected. Points on the left elbow area were also given acupuncture. Why? There is a ‘mirror’ system that exists. Essentially the left shoulder could be treated to help the right hip, the left elbow to help treat the right knee, and the left wrist to help the right ankle area. After this third treatment the patient reported even better results. After 6 visits, the patient had almost no swelling, no pain, and better range of motion.  Now the patient can enjoy life with a better healthier knee.